Clinic Presentations and Handouts Available

Many of the presentations and handout materials from the Clinics are now available on the web site. They can be accessed from each individual Clinic page, if you know which ones you are interested in, or there is a new Clinic Presentations page that lists all of the available documents in one place.

The list will be updated as more presentations are received, and there is a "Last Updated" date on the page so that you can know at a glance if anything new has been posted since you last visited the page.

As much as possible, the various file formats have been converted to Adobe PDF format, both for compatibility, and to reduce the file sizes for downloading. All have been briefly checked to make sure that nothing serious went wrong in the conversion, but please let me know of any problems with the files.

A number of files were too big to be uploaded as part of the individual Clinic pages, so they have been handled differently and show as a web page link instead of the regular file download link. All of these have their file size indicated so that you can know in advance if the files are too big for you to handle downloading. All of the regular files are 12 MB or less in size.

A few files are hosted on other web sites, with a link included. In any case, all of the material that is available for a given Clinic and other references are listed with each Clinic for convenience.

We hope that by making these files available to you the convention experince will be extended a little bit longer, and that they may be of some help as you pursue this wonderful hobby of Model Railroading. If you ever get a chance to thank the Clinic presenters, please do so, as they put a lot of time and effort into creating these Clinics for you, including these presentation materials.