Operations SIG

The Operations SIG (OpSIG) promotes operation of model railroads in a prototypical manner. See the OpSIG’s website: http://www.opsig.org/ OpSIG will use its table in the SIG Room to display OpSIG materials and to provide both a point for information and a gathering spot for OpSIG members. Convention site activities include the Sunday evening “Meet and Greet” in the SIG Room, clinics on operations topics, and a focal point for OpSIG members to gather and exchange information in the SIG Room. The off-site Friday evening SIG dinner is a joint activity with LDSIG.

A big part of OpSIG convention activities revolves around operating sessions on regional layouts. An Advance Section set of operating sessions will be held Saturday, August 22, in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. These are great layouts with sessions well-organized by the “SoundRails” crew. See the layout list on the OpSIG page below and then via the SoundRails page: http://www.soundrail.org/ Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Operating sessions during convention week will all be based in Oregon, from the fringes of the Portland Metro area to as far south as Eugene (120 miles south). Carpools can be arranged via the OpSIG table in the SIG Room. A list of layouts is provided on the OpSIG page below. Descriptions of these layouts appeared in the OpSIG “Dispatcher’s Office.”

Pre-convention registration has closed. All operating slots will be fully assigned in early July. A “Stand-By” registration list will be started at the convention at the OpSIG desk in the SIG Room. This list will be used to back-fill for folk who fail to make it to their Crew Call. Crew Call will take place in the SIG Room each afternoon for the operating sessions that evening and the following day sessions. Be there or lose your slot!