Convention Updates

We will be sending out updates and news items via email, as well as via Facebook and Twitter. You do not need to register for the convention to subscribe to the Updates.

You will be automatically added to the mailing list if you provided an email address when you registered, or if you have not yet registered, you can sign up for the Updates by entering your name and email address in the small form at the bottom of any page on the web site.

We have received a few email addresses that have bounced, so if you have registered but have not received any of these Update emails, please send your correct email address to the Registrar.

Please check your spam filter! A number of people have complained of not receiving Updates when in fact we have their correct email address. The system shows that these were correctly delivered, but never opened, suggesting that they were caught in some sort of spam filter. If you have not received Updates that you expected, please check to see if this is the problem.

Past Updates can always be viewed from the list below: