Getting to Portland

Portland is well served by major airlines as well as Amtrak from the north, south and the east. And of course there are always the Interstate highways 5 and 84 if you need to drive. Portland is one city where you may want to consider not driving as it is so well served by local transit, including the MAX light rail that goes right up to the sidewalk at the Portland airport. Some of the highlights are included here, but much more can be found on the Travel Portland web site.
Travel Portland


A number of airlines directly serve the Portland International Airport, including:

Many have nonstop service from Midwest and East Coast hubs, plus international service from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.


For those wanting to ride a real train to the convention, Amtrak serves Portland Union Station with the "Empire Builder" from Chicago and the Twin Cities in the east, the "Coast Starlight" from Seattle, Los Angeles, and Oakland, with connections to Vancouver, B.C., as well as frequent "Cascade Corrider" trains between Vancouver, BC, Seattle and Eugene, Oregon.


Portland can be reached by car on the I-5 from the north and south, or on the I-84 from the east.

More info on getting to Portland is available on the Travel Portland web site.