Family Activities

In addition to a full slate of railroad oriented activities, there will be many things for the whole family to enjoy, either during the convention or on your way to or from it. Some of these may have specific tours available as part of the convention and will be listed under the Non-Rail information. Ideas include:

Visit Timberline Lodge. Built in the 1930s, opened in 1937, this hotel at 5930 feet on Mount Hood provides for winter sports and summer hiking.

Visit the Oregon Coast. See Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia, Fort Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark wintered in 1805, Summer resorts at Seaside, Tillamook and the blimp hangars, then Camp 18 on US 26.

Cruise the Columbia River. Sternwheeler "Columbia Gorge", patterned after the famous "Bailey Gatzert" (railroad owned), offers rides from Cascade Locks up the river and back.

Visit Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. See the famous "Spruce Goose" built by Howard Hughes, numerous military and civilian aircraft,
tour the Space Museum with many artifacts and exhibits.

Visit Fort Vancouver and nearby Pierson Air Museum. Founded in 1825 as headquarters for Hudson's Bay Company operations. Vancouver Barracks was an important military outpost in the 19th century. Several famous generals served here early in their careers.

Visit the Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Visit the Oregon Zoo.

Ride WES Interurban Diesel train. Try this new commuting line operated with Diesel Multiple-Units between Beaverton and Wilsonville. It connects to the MAX line at one end so that you can roam even further afield without needing to drive.