Is Photography permitted on tours?

Permissions to photograph subjects on tours vary significantly.
Here are answers for both layout and other tours.

Layout tours

If you wish to take photos or videos of the layout, ask the host for permission. It is rarely refused, but if the host is reluctant, put the camera away. Do not allow your filming to monopolize the best viewing areas or interfere with others’ views and movement. Tripods, large format cameras and bags of any kind are not permitted at layouts on tour.

Prototype and General tours

In our experience photography policy will be advised by the corporate person meeting our bus at the beginning of the tour. Many facilities have commercially sensitive processes. Several require that their worksites not be photographed. Some may require all cameras and cell phones be left on the bus. As a rule of thumb, historical enterprises (e.g. museums) welcome photography, commercial industries usually do not.

Many of you are visiting from outside the local area. Photography from the tour coach, during your travels, is always possible!