What is the difference between "Rail", "Non-Rail", and "General" activities?

“Rail” activities are generally those that a model railroader or railfan would be interested in. These activities include: clinics on railroad history and model railroading techniques, Special Interest Group activities, auction, layout tours, tours of railroad yards, and industrial tours. Non-Rail activities are aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at partners of Rails who aren’t that interested in Rail activities. Their activities include clinics on crafts, gardening, health, and charity quilting to name a few. General Interest Tours will go to locations that may interest both Rails and Non-Rails. For example, we have a tour to visit the Pacific Ocean beaches as well as a ride along the coast on a tourist railroad and we will have a tour to visit the Evergreen Air Museum, the home of Howard Hughes’ famous “Spruce Goose,” the giant flying boat from World War II.