G673 Symphony in the Park Tour - An Alternative

The Friday Symphony in the Park tour has been cancelled due to a scheduling problem.

As an alternative for that evening, we have uncovered an interesting ethnic food fair in downtown Portland that runs all day and evening Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which may interest you, The 24th Annual Festa Italiana Portland. Celebrating Italian American culture, it features nonstop entertainment, food, wine/beer gardens, raffle and more.... We had proposed this as a replacement bus tour, but there was not enough interest to make it happen, so we are providing you the details and directions and you can make your own way to the event if you wish.

It is located downtown in Portland's Pioneer Couthouse Square, which is just a quick ride away from the convention hotel on MAX Light Rail, which stops right at the square. We will have directions available at the convention.

This has the makings of a very low cost evening out, as the only costs are the MAX ticket and whatever food you buy at the event.

The fares for the Light Rail are $1.00 for ages 65+, $2.50 for ages 18-64, and $1.25 for ages 7-17. More information including custom directions can be found on our Transit web page and on the TRIMET web site.