Web Sites Moved

After living with our web sites being up and down like a yo-yo for the past week, I was finally able to move everything over to my personal web site as an alternate so that we all can resume using the web sites as the convention approaches. The hosting company, Arvixe, has been very reluctant to give us any details of what is happening, but based on a couple of comments, it seems like the machine we are on is so grossly overloaded, that it simply cannot handle the load. How a company can let a machine get into this state is beyond me, but that seems to be their explanation, as best as I can decipher what they told me.

The new web sites are clones of the original sites as of 5:00 PM PDT, Friday, August 7th.

The main site can be found at: http://nmra2015.sbcrailway.ca
and the mobile friendly version at: http://mobile.sbcrailway.ca

The old sites now have redirection links to the new ones so that at least there will be something on the old sites to let people know where we went, if they are working.

I will not be surprised if you find some broken links or other issues with the new sites, and when you do, please let me know so that I can fix them quickly. The sites are very rich with links both within the site and to external places to make it easy for you to find things and to get to related information, but that complexity can hide a few surprises. Please send anything that you find to me at webmaster@sbcrailway.ca

Thank you very much for your continued patience during this very difficult time. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to help resolve the issue, other than to move, which is what I have now done.