Building an NMRA LCC Node using Commercially Friendly, Free, and Open Source Software

Using inexpensive micro-controller development kits from some of the world's leading semiconductor manufactures (Freescale, Microchip, NXP, ST Microelectronics, and Texas Instruments); learn how to quickly build your very own LCC compatible node. In this class, each participant will create an LCC node, and then join that node to an LCC bus using CAN, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB. JMRI will be used in this class as a diagnostic tool.

The target audience is electronics hobbyists and manufacturers. Basic understanding of programming techniques in C, C++, and/or Java is recommended. Each participant is required to furnish their own PC running Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Ubuntu Linux 12.04/14.04 operating system. Each participant will have the opportunity to take home a working LCC node and USB stick with the required tools and software.

Cost is $35 (a surcharge may apply depending on which hardware you chose). Limited to 20 participants.

Preregister at to reserve a spot.

You will be contacted after signing up to verify your choices.

Day Time Room
Thursday, Aug 27 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM Weidler