Murphy, Dennis


Dennis Murphy is a ship captain by trade, but mostly he teaches at a maritime institute in Seattle these days. He has been published on three continents, in five countries, in multiple publications.

Clinics Presented:

Getting Published - A guide to getting your photos and ideas out in our hobby


Ever want to see your name in print? Want to see your photos in a magazine? Want to make a (VERY) little money while doing something very fun? Well. come spend some time with me. This clinic is an hour of easy talk on how to get your ideas and photos published. We will talk about how to put together a simple article, and I will give you some thoughts on how to present your ideas to a publication. We will also cover some ideas about photos and how to "package" your submission for the highest chance of actually being taken seriously.

Day Time Room
Saturday, Aug 29 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Three Sisters

Micro color cameras for your trains


Have you ever wanted to actually ride inside your trains? Have you wanted to see exactly how "real" your structures and scenery is? Well, now you can with these fun wireless Micro Color Camera. I will walk you through some of the fun and trials I have had with them.

Day Time Room
Saturday, Aug 29 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Three Sisters