HO Scale Convention Car

Our HO scale convention car is a beauty. We are offering a highly detailed covered hopper that has been very common on US railroads and for which the prototype simply shouts “Portland Oregon.” The prototype is a PS4750 cubic foot covered hopper that was in production from 1972 until 1981 and remained in service for decades afterward. It will be lettered for “Coast Trading Company” which was painted/purchased in August 1974 and will be available in three prototypically correct numbers (PTLX 14933, 14935, and 14939). The car is being produced by premium quality builder Tangent Scale Models and is the first NMRA convention car ever produced by this company. Details will include brown, black, yellow, white, red and blue lettering on a yellow and black car body. There will be printing on underframe, bays and jacking pads, ACI label, COTS panels and white warning rectangles. The car will have a factory applied white panel on each side lettered “CTC” as per the prototype. The car will be equipped with “Made in Oregon” Kadee couplers. The car will come prototypically correct, but we will include a pair of convention logo decals with each model for application by you if you want your car(s) to show the car labeled for our convention. Tangent is a builder of “Cadillac” quality HO cars and we are proud to offer this car.

As shown in the last photo, included with each car is a decal of the convention logo that can be used to transform the prototype car into a convention car.

USD $42.95 (Three pack set with different numbers: $125.00)
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